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Financial Advocacy – Ingenuity - Ethics

Financial Advocacy – Ingenuity - Ethics


Our Services



  • Taxes: Personal, Business, and Corporate -  ethical and innovative expert tax services for individuals and businesses
  • Accounting: Business and Corporate - skilled certified public accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Specialize in full-service compliance suite for entertainment industry loan-out corporations




  • Planning & Tax Planning: advice & analysis to support growth. One-on-one assessment for strategic tax liability projection & evaluation of the impact of new and existing tax laws
  • Payroll:  comprehensive payroll services for solely-owned corporations—payroll management and quarterly and year-end state and federal filings


Advisory & Guidance

  • Reporting:  Support with understanding financial reports - make informed business decisions
  • Consulting: Comprehensive advice from the start - from business entity and formation requirements to changes & growth
  • Milestones: Help navigating life’s big decisions


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